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Auto Accident

Our Patients’ Stories

“I was involved in a hit and run. Alongside the rehab exercises monitored by the excellent staff, Holly and Jenny, I was able to recover a week before expected and I've had no issues at this time. I highly recommend visiting if you're a skeptic of chiropractic care."


Darrion Whitten

The Importance of an Experienced Auto Accident Chiropractor:

After an auto accident, some victims notice no immediate pain or discomfort. Those involved in auto accidents often see their family doctor and receive an x-ray that shows no visible damage. Some victims continue without treatment from an auto accident chiropractor and wake up the next day with severe pain. Especially with whiplash injuries, it’s common to suffer from spinal damage that reveals itself much later in life.

What Happens in an Appointment with an Auto Accident Chiropractor?

After requesting an appointment time, auto accident patients quickly receive a response for their appointment. If it’s a patient’s first visit, they’re asked to fill out a new patient form.

Initial Consultation

After arrival to the clinic, your chiropractor will ask specific questions about the accident and may take x-ray images. Many times, West End’s x-ray analysis includes a cutting edge motion study to assess whiplash injuries. The patient reviews the images with their West End chiropractor to understand any complications that they may be facing. At West End, patient education is essential.

Electrotherapy and Adjustment

Patients typically receive small amounts of electrotherapy (also known as “E-Stim”) to loosen tight muscles and reduce inflammation. After electrotherapy, the patient proceeds to the adjustment table. Through a series of carefully-selected adjustments, patients often experience immediate pain relief in the office.

Continued Care

After the auto accident victim’s adjustments, they’re given specific stretches, exercises, and instructions to follow until their next appointment date. West End’s goal for auto accident victims is to provide complete restorative care and assist with your healing.

“Auto accident victims commonly suffer damage that only reveals itself much later in life.”

Possible Complications Without Auto Accident Treatment

For some people, foregoing complete medical treatment from an auto accident chiropractor is tempting, since ill effects are often delayed in the spine.

These are a few possible complications when delaying auto accident treatment:

  • Herniated discs
  • Upper cervical damage: whiplash from a sudden impact or sudden stop
  • Micro-tears in muscle tissue: one of the most common problems responsible for pain presenting itself the day after an accident. If the spine is not set correctly, micro tears may heal incorrectly and result in scar tissue in the muscle fibers.
  • Restricted motion: inflammation slows the body’s healing process and results in limited ability to move a victim’s neck and back.
  • Complications from pain medication: although West End Chiropractic Clinic gladly works in harmony with patients’ other medical providers, medicines in the opioid family can pose dangerous threats, even when taken responsibly.

Long-Lasting Care from West End Chiropractic Clinic

West End Chiropractic Clinic understands that being involved in an auto accident of any severity can be frightening. The least we can do is to ensure that your spinal health is taken care of. From our enthusiastic front office staff to our experienced chiropractic team, you’re in good hands.

Don’t risk prolonged pain years in the future after an auto accident. Contact us today.

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