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Our Patients’ Stories

"I have been to numerous chiropractic services in the last four years; all of which ended me back to square one with consistent neck and back pain. Dr. Morgan was the first chiropractor to truly address my issues and walk me through a detailed treatment plan. I highly recommend booking a visit if you are in any kind of pain; you will absolutely see results and get your life back."


Brianna S.

West End Chiropractic Clinic: Services & Treatments

At West End Chiropractic Clinic, patients receive effective and long-lasting treatment every day. The most common chiropractic services that West End provides include:

What to Expect in an Appointment at West End Chiropractic Clinic

After requesting an appointment, West End patients quickly receive a response for their appointment. If it’s a patient’s first visit, they’re asked to fill out a new patient form.

Initial Consultation

After arrival to the clinic, your chiropractor will ask specific questions about your symptoms and may take x-ray images. The patient reviews the images with their chiropractor to understand any complications they may be facing. At West End, patient education is essential.

Electrotherapy and Adjustment

Patients typically receive small amounts of electrotherapy (also known as “E-Stim”) to loosen tight muscles and reduce inflammation. After electrotherapy, the patient proceeds to the adjustment table. Through a series of carefully-selected adjustments, patients often experience immediate pain relief in the office.

Continued Care

After adjustments, patients are given specific stretches, exercises, and instructions to follow until their next appointment date. West End’s goal for its patients is to provide complete restorative and preventative care.

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