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1619 West 6th St, Austin, TX
West End Chiropractic Clinic
Austin's Trusted Chiropractor:
Cutting-edge technology and compassionate care.
Advanced. Effective. Complete.
Complete care dedicated to long-term health.
Get well and stay well.
Prevent. Restore. Preserve.

An Experienced Austin Chiropractor Trusted by Healthy Austin Patients

Austin chiropractor Dr. Casey Morgan, D.C.  understands the real-life effect that chronic pain carries. At West End Chiropractic Clinic, chronic pain is met with advanced, effective, and complete treatment. When a nagging discomfort manifests into a problem that impedes your workflow or prevents you from enjoying free time, it suddenly affects your life in a real way.

West End Chiropractic Clinic opened its doors in 1998 and was taken over by Dr. Casey Morgan, D.C. in 2016. Since then, hundreds of new patients have entrusted their spinal health to Dr. Morgan’s comprehensive care.

Chiropractor in Austin, TX Providing Long-Term Care for Pain Relief

A West End patient’s pain relief is more than a temporary fix. With a thorough examination and individual treatment plan, patients are provided advanced care for long-term pain relief. Patients trust West End as their chiropractor in Austin, TX as they “get well and stay well.”

Patient education is an important piece of complete treatment. Patients understand the root causes of their ailments, and receive specific instruction for self-care between visits.

West End treats the deep-rooted cause of a patient’s discomfort through digital x-rays, an advanced spinal decompression table, and many different chiropractic techniques including the leading-edge OTZ technique for frozen shoulder syndrome.

Our Patients’ Stories

"Simply the *BEST* chiropractor in Austin. I receive very consistent and caring service from Dr. Morgan, and my quality of life has sky rocketed. From my experience, West End Chiropractic deserves 6 stars."

Joseph S.

"Fantastic team, amazing service I would never go anywhere else!"


Mitch A.

“I was a little skeptical to see a chiropractor. After I left the first visit, I felt Dr. Morgan take 10 years off my back, neck and legs. I now recommend this practice to all of my clients and friends.”


Jesse C

"Dr. Morgan has me feeling better than I have in a very long time. I will continue to see him regularly. I would recommend him to anyone."


Pedro G.

Common Patient Ailments
and New Patient FAQs

When patients seek West End as their Austin chiropractor, they’re often plagued with specific ailments. A few of West End’s most common chiropractic service areas include (but are not limited to):

New patients that are curious about West End’s chiropractic care can check out FAQs and what to expect during a visit here.

Timely Visits, a Central Location, and Affordability

Consideration for a patient’s busy schedule while in a central location makes West End Chiropractic a convenient chiropractor in Austin, TX for thousands of potential patients from downtown, Westlake or along Mopac.

West End Chiropractic Clinic accepts:

Most Insurance And PPO Plans Including Seton Plans
Most insurance and PPO plans including Seton plans
Auto Insurance Policies, PIP Policies And Attorney LOP’s
Auto Insurance policies, PIP Policies and Attorney LOP’s
Adjustable Payment Plans.
Adjustable Payment Plans.

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Chronic pain relief is just around the corner.
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Directions to West End Chiropractic Clinic

Located near downtown at West 6th and Mopac, West End’s office is warm and homey, surrounded by shade trees. Park in the back of the office behind our green and white building and take the stairs to the second story.
See you soon!

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